We all have very busy schedules these days and we have to prioritise our work load,  unfortunately the cleaning of our conservatories can be way down the list of jobs to be done.  They are normally a relaxing living space but once the dirt and grime starts to build up, it can start to look unsightly. This will lead to reduced light inside your conservatory which will affect your enjoyment of it.  In addition to this, if the guttering is not checked and cleaned out regularly, this could potentially cause damage to the Conservatory over time which can be costly.
Pristine Clean Nottingham can provide a full Conservatory clean, inside and out for you obtaining the best possible results.

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What Can We Do?

  • Full Conservatory Cleaning (inside and out, inside only or outside only)
  • Conservatory Roof Cleaning (inside and out, inside only or outside only)
  • Conservatory Window Cleaning (inside and out, inside only or outside only)

Full Conservatory Valet

What will we clean on your Conservatory?
  • All safely accessible roof panels (inside and out)
  • Finials 
  • Gutters (removing all blockages on the insides and cosmetically cleaning the outside)
  • Downpipes (ensuring that there are no blockages on the inside and cosmetically cleaning the outside)
  • UPVC Doors, Frames and Sills
  • All Windows


What do we use to clean?
  • Pure Water only (click here to find out more about the Pure Water cleaning capabilities)
  • A Water Fed Pole system with soft brushes
  • Clean Microfibre cloths (2 types)
  • Specialist UPVC Cleaner where needed
  • Pressure Washer (low pressure on Finials & Gutters)


Health & Safety for Conservatory Cleaning

We take Health and Safety for you and our Staff seriously as well as caring for your property.  Under no circumstances do we ever climb on your conservatory roof, doing this can cause serious damage and is completely unnecessary.  We hold Public and Liability Insurance with Hiscox of which we review and renew each year.